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VNIS Investment (VNIS Investment Co., Ltd) is an investment, immigration & citizenship consulting firm, a business unit of VNIS Group. At present, we are a professional consulting firm for a variety of immigration-based investment portfolios that has success clients in the United States, Canada and countries in the European Union (Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Greece, the United Kingdom, Germany), as well as St. Kitts & Nevis. Our team of management and project consultants at VNIS Group/VNIS Investment has more than 10 years of industry experiences with clients naturalized, migrated & studied in these countries.

VNIS Investment only works with quality, success-proven and low-risk portfolios. No exceptions.

Besides, VNIS Investment also partners with world leading international tax & audit firms to provide value-added Asset Management, Funds, International Tax Consultancy services for our clients within the VNIS Group ecosystem.

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