New Zealand Migration

Migrate to New Zealand today.

Business and investor visas allow people who can contribute to the economy of New Zealand to live in the country. You can do this by investing in a business, with the New Zealand Government itself, or if you can have your own business establishment experience by buying or setting up your own business in New Zealand (NZ).

New Zealand Migration - Entrepreneur Migration

Entrepreneur Migration

This visa is for those who want to work in their own business in New Zealand. To apply, you need to provide a detailed business plan, have at least NZD 100,000 to invest in your business and be able to get 120 points on the Government scale.

New Zealand Migration - Entrepreneur Plus Migration

Entrepreneur Plus Migration

This visa provides a faster path to residency for migrants who have been actively contributing to New Zealand’s economic growth and development. Unlike other business visas, this visa has no minimum business operating time requirement.

New Zealand Migration - Migrant Investor Visa

Migrant Investor Visa

This visa is designed to attract financial capital into New Zealand by providing residency to applicants who wish to make a substantial financial contribution to the economy of New Zealand.

About New Zealand

New Zealand Migration - NZ Map

New Zealand (or Aotearoa – the land of long white clouds), is truly one of the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth. A small island nation of just over 4.5 million people, New Zealand is made up of two large landmasses (North Island and South Island) and several smaller islands including Stewart Island located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. The two main islands are separated by a 22km stretch of water known as Cook Strait.

New Zealand is located about 1,500 km east of Australia and about 1,000 km from the Pacific Islands. Due to its relative remoteness and lockdown, New Zealand was one of the last countries to be found and settled.

The country is made up of some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, from vast mountain ranges and evaporating volcanoes to vast coastlines. This is a natural playground for thrill seekers and adventurers and those who simply want to visit for culture and scenery.

New Zealand Migration - Monarchy

New Zealand has been a constitutional monarchy since British times and while King Charles III is head of state, New Zealand effectively governs itself through a parliamentary system with a Prime Minister. Public votes every three years often see a change in government. The two main political parties are the National Party and the Labour Party. New Zealand was the first country in the world to allow women to vote in 1893.

The flag of New Zealand, which has had its current form since 1902, and due to New Zealand’s relationship with the United Kingdom, is the British Blue Ensign with four stars representing the Southern Cross. Southern Cross is the four brightest stars in the New Zealand sky. In recent years, a variation of the flag has been debated with the popular black flag with a silver fern being one of the more popular choices. This unofficial New Zealand flag is often seen when New Zealanders (commonly known as kiwis) take to the world stage during sporting events.

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